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World’s First Captive Hatching of Rare Dove at the Louisville Zoo

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World’s First Captive Hatchingᅠ
of Rare Dove at the Louisville Zoo

The first white-throated ground dove (Gallicolumba xanthonura) to hatch in captivity did so at the Louisville Zoo on October 17, 2006 after an eighteen day incubation.ᅠ A second dove hatched on December 1, 2006ᅠand is also thriving.

While not officially listed as endangered, the white-throated ground dove is considered a species of concern because it is rare and has a very small range.ᅠ There are only 16 of these birds in captivity.ᅠ The Louisville Zoo leads the effort to conserve this species at the request of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Saipan, Micronesia, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) Pigeon and Dove Taxon Advisory Group.

louisville zoo - louisville vacuum repair

louisville zoo – louisville vacuum repair

The babies, called squabs, are being reared in an off-exhibit area.ᅠ The parents have re- occupied the nest which is located in a fig tree (Ficus benjamina)approximately thirty feet above the floor of the Forest Bird Trail Exhibit in the Islands Pavilion.ᅠ Staff views the nest remotely to monitor the birds’ progress.ᅠ

The Zoo’s Bird Department staff under the direction of Curator Gary Michael is currently working with partners at the Memphis and St. Louis zoos to develop a long-term captive management protocol for the white-throated ground dove.ᅠ Michael considers the hatching of this species the crowning achievement of his career.ᅠ He states that “as an aviculturist (one who raises and cares for birds), there is nothing greater than accomplishing the first breeding and successful birth of a species in captivity.”

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The Louisville Zoo is a long-standing partner institution in AZA’s Mariana Avian Conservation (MAC) Program.ᅠ The twenty-year-old program aims to support local biologists and other officials in Micronesia in the conservation of their insular avifauna (island birds).ᅠ

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